Una comparacion entre la Antigua Babilonia y la Babilonia Moderna.!Excelente obra!. Las Dos Babilonias: Alexander Hislop: Books – Las Dos Babilonias by Alexander Hislop at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent Publishing .

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He bestows, too, mathesis on souls, by unfolding the will of the father of Jupiter, and this he accomplishes as the angel or messenger of Jupiter How unlike the Sabbath –how unlike religion–how unlike the suitable preparation to receive a minister of the meek and lowly Jesus!

It was this same god whose worship prevailed so exceedingly in Asia Minor at the time when our Lord sent, by his servant John, the seven Apocalyptic messages to the churches established in that region.

The gaping jaws of the fish surmounting the head of the man at Nineveh are the unmistakable counterpart of the horns of the Pope’s mitre at Rome. The gift of the ministry is one of the greatest gifts which Christ has bestowed upon the world. Yea, we have the strongest evidence that, in countries far removed from one another, and far distant from Rome, these keys were known by initiated Pagans not merely as the “keys of Peter,” but as the keys of a Peter identified with Rome.

This magic crook can be traced up directly to the first king of Babylon, that is, Nimrodwho, as stated by Berosus, was the first that bore the title of a Shepherd-king.

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The Papal mitre is entirely different from the mitre of Aaron and the Jewish high priests. So also was the Pagan Pontiff of Rome. About was he raised to the position which gave him, in Pagan estimation, the power of the keys referred to.

Purgatory and Prayers for bbabilonias Dead 10k.

Las Dos Babilonias (spanish Edition) Alexander Hislop | eBay

But what, I further ask, would even the old Pagan priests say who left the stage of time while the martyrs were still battling against their gods, and, rather than symbolise with them, “loved not their lives unto the death,” if they were to see the present aspect of the so-called Church of Baiblonias Christendom? The former chair was borrowed from the Pagans; the next appears to have been purloined from the Mussulmans; for when the French soldiers under General Bonaparte took possession of Rome inalexanddr found on the back of it, in Arabic, this well known sentence of the Koran, “There is no God but God, and Mahomet is His Prophet.


babilonkas The Mother of the Child 73k. Hermes Trismegistus seems to have been regarded as a new incarnation of Thoth, and possessed of higher honours. Condition see all Condition. Peter’s chair must also go along with them. In the countries where the Babylonian system was most thoroughly developed, we find the Sovereign Pontiff of the Babylonian god invested with the very attributes now ascribed to the Pope.

All historians of repute have at once rejected this story of the apostolic encounter with the magician as being destitute of all contemporary evidence; but as the visit of Peter to Rome rests on the same authority, it must stand or fall along with it, or, at least, it must be admitted to be extremely doubtful. When his power increased, when his dominion extended, and especially after he became a temporal sovereign, the key of Janus became too heavy for his single hand–he needed some to share with him the power of the “hinge.

The Pope, therefore, when he set up as the High-priest of Janus, assumed also the ” jus vertendi cardinis ,” “the power of turning the hinge,”–of opening and shutting in the blasphemous Pagan sense.

The words of Scripture, in regard to this very subject, give a very solemn but satisfactory answer 2 Thess 2: You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Item Location see all Item Location. The Deification of the Child 61k. Without the article Roe, a “shepherd,” is manifestly the original of the French Roi, a king, whence the adjective royal; and from Ro, huslop signifies to “act the shepherd,” which is frequently pronounced Reg– with Shwhich signifies “He who is,” or “who does,” affixed –comes Regah, “He who acts the shepherd,” whence the Latin Rex, and Regal.


If the reader only considers akexander blasphemous assumptions of the Papacy, he will see how exactly it has copied from its original.

Peter’s at Rome, and see the Pope in his pontificals, in all his pomp and glory? Easter The Two Babylons: Amounts shown in italicized text are alexandeer items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg’s conversion rates.

But, in an evil hour, the Babylonian element was admitted into its ministry, and thenceforth, that which had been intended as a blessing, was converted into a curse. Any corrections or questions may be directed to the following address: Now, look back through the vista of oas thousand years, and see how the Sovereign Pontiff of Egypt used to pay a visit to the temple of his god. Extreme Unction 6k Section V.

That instrument with which they described the portion of the heavens on which their observations were to be made, was curved at the one end, and was called ” lituus. Surely they have much reason to be proud of them.

Books by Alexander Hislop (Author of The Two Babylons)

The king of Babylon, as Sovereign Pontiff, was adored in like manner. Now, moving slowly up, between the two armed lines of soldiers, appeared a long procession of ecclesiastics, bishops, canons, and cardinals, preceding the Roman pontiff, who was borne on a gilded chair, clad in vestments resplendent as the sun. It was when Cyrus had entered Babylon that the Persians, for the first time, testified their homage to him by adoration; for, “before this,” says Xenophon Cyropoed”none of the Persians had given adoration to Cyrus.

The partisans of the Papacy were not a little disconcerted by this discovery; but they tried to put the best face on the matter they could. On this policy it is evident he acted. This page was last updated:

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