You might experience better performance and functionality if you convert If the original is a PowerPoint or PowerPoint presentation .pptx), the file. By enabling its “Edit” function, you could edit PowerPoint presentations and then convert PowerPoint to video free. The PowerPoint. Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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In the ” Pp20007 2 ” option, select desired output format. Click “Advanced Settings” to change the layout settings such as background image, video size and logo, background music, and sound recorder- all your choice.

Open Windows Movie Maker. Then, click the ” Profile ” drop-down cohvert to set output format. Click the ” Settings ” button to adjust video and audio parameters of output PowerPoint video, including: After loading, click the ” Output ” box to set an output directory. In the ” Step 1 ” box, click the ” Browse ” option to browse and upload local PowerPoint presentation.

How to make a commercial PowerPoint? You could add multiple PPT files. Therefore, selecting a wonderful online PowerPoint to video converter would be of great importance. Click “Next” fo select a output folder to start converting the presentation to video. And then click the ” Create Video ” button. On the popup panel, you will see a ” Create a Video ” option.

Convert a presentation from a previous PowerPoint version to PowerPoint or later – PowerPoint

This doesn’t include smartartgraphics-singular. If the original presentation is a PowerPoint Click the ” Convert ” button in the ” Step 4 ” box. It only takes you a few simple mouse clicks for you to convert PowerPoint to video within PowerPoint You can add up to 12 PowerPoint files to one single project.


It was created or saved in the.

Then 2 drop-down options appear. You could select from ” Common Video ” group, or determine an output format from preset devices.

How to Convert Powerpoint to Video

The below steps show you how to convert PowerPoint to video with the help tl Windows Movie Maker:. How to make a good PowerPoint presentation? The Convert command appears only if one of the following is true about the presentation:.

If you need, click ‘Config’ to change the resolution, frame rate, sample rate, bit rate and more. Buy Now Free Trial. How to convert PPT to video on Mac? By enabling its “Edit” function, you could edit PowerPoint presentations convertt then convert PowerPoint to video free.

Navigate to the slide that you wish to save as a picture. Meanwhile, you need to make sure you have good Internet connection to ensure smooth uploading, converting, downloading. How to Play PowerPoint Automatically?

In “seconds to spend on each slide” box, set the time duration. Thank you for your feedback!

How to Convert Powerpoint 2007 to Video

While you can view and work with presentations created in older versions of PowerPoint, you might get improved performance and additional features if you convert those presentations to the latest PowerPoint. It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Save the presentation as a PowerPoint presentation file, just as you normally would. Now you can import your image and audio files into Windows Movie Maker to create a video.


PowerPoint slide can help us use graphics and bullets to make clearer points with less talk. You could add your own signature here. If the Convert command doesn’t appear, the presentation content is up-to-date, and converting is not required. In the 2nd pane, set Recorded Timings and Narrations if you need optonal. Expand your Office skills.

Convert a presentation from a previous PowerPoint version to PowerPoint 2013 or later

In the first drop-down box, select output video quality: The PowerPoint app on your desktop could be considered as a PowerPoint to video converter freeware. Microsoft also provides another way to help you convert PowerPoint to video. When the conversion is done, click “Finish” to view video in the specified folder. Therefore, you could make use of Windows Movie Maker to create video off images exported from PowerPoint presentations. Click the ” Customize ” button to set transition time, add background music, adjust audio effect, change aspect ratio, apply watermark, etc.

This guide would offer you 4 methods to convert PowerPoint presentation to video files. Click the Save button.

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