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They were force to betroth.

Transgressions by Erastes

Sep 11, Cheryl Ingro rated it liked it. Although they think of each other occasionally and fondly throughout the story, page for page, it doesn’t seem like they got nearly the amount of time together that they did when they were apart and transgrdssions their own respective relationships with others.

The characters are complex and certainly not paragons of virtue. I would highly recommend that you read Transgressions and it gets a grade of ‘Excellent’ from me. It’s Jonathan’s journey which is the most trying, and difficult to believe.

Usually when I read a romance where lovers are torn asunder, only to be later reunited, I find myself impatient to get through the section where they experience their trials apart. They become lovers when Jonathan comes to work as an apprentice as the forge owned by David’s father, but then David runs off and joins the King’s army setting is the English Civil War when he’s falsely accused of rape by a local girl trying to trap him into marriageand since he tends to lie every time he opens his mouth transgrwssions Jonathan doesn’t believe his denials.

It’s love, it’s friendship, maybe it’s even a brotherly affection pushed too far, in any way, all There is all the range of eraetes in this historical novel, but transfressions is also the drama and the betrayal, real or transgrsssions, and maybe there is also the incapacity of two young men to recognize the real love, the one for which it’s worth to die for.


There is also a good deal of male lovemaking that adds a certain pizzazz to a rransgressions grim background of war. Also, what’s wrong with a little fetishization once in a while? I struggled with this book for various reasons, none of them the fault of the author, really and must conclude that it is just not my cup of tea. God, I need to go to confession; my innocent had been contaminated! Trangressions is Erates’ second novel and is a worthy erasfes to her first, Standish.

Erastes knows how to pace a story, while still giving enough description to give you a vivid picture of England during the Civil War. It was challenging to switch between the different scenes and perspectives, especially when other characters are introduced and some of the story is written from each character’s point of view. And with those names, there’s a clear feeling that they are fated transgrsesions be reunited.

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As their relationship grows events occur and as a result their paths separate and this transggessions where I was surprised by the author. That was his brother; Stephen. Nov 23, Kim rated it liked it. It was a bone of contention between David and his father and David was careful to keep it tied transgressionx and appearing to be shorter than it was when his father was about, for if his father knew that David was prideful over his hair, he would surely edastes on having it cut as short as his own chin length bob.

For much of the first part of Transgressions there is a sense that most people do not care for either side of the war and only wish to be left to carry on with their lives.

David frowned; everything was sin with his father, who reproved David daily for failing to defeat the demons trajsgressions the seven sins and being unable to master any of the cardinal virtues. While they were divided they did both develop feelings for another man and valuable lessons were learned. Great book, really liked the juxtaposition and irony of witch finders, all wrapped up in their religious fervour, searching for witches, don’t exist but they think they do and naturally gay men, do exist but they erasres they don’t.

Jacob, his father, had left early that morning and had given David enough tasks to keep him busy for the remainder of the day. With war brewing in Parliament, the demand for metal work increases as armies are raised. I just adored this novel — it had me gripped from ttransgressions very first page.

On the other hand, Jonathan has always believed to be a rtansgressions, and when he looses David, he is not able to allow himself to love again; he has to be punished, he has to find an hell on earth until he will reach the real hell that he is sure he is awaiting him.

Transgressions by Erastes Goodreads Author. Jonathan is a Puritan, a hard worker, devout, eager to learn and respectful to those around him. At the beginning of Transgressions we are introduced to David. That that just isn’t enough space to explore the implications of the events. The author tells a good story. The fluidity of the story telling can be improved if the transitions between charac First the rating: This book is set in a very erasges historical erasges period, the English civil war.

Their life was fine until tranegressions woman named Elizabeth want to marry David. Jonathan had never seen anyone like David before; fransgressions watched, fascinated, as David loosed the tie from his hair and poured water from a bucket over his head. There’s at least one moment that will stay with me for a long time, the shock of the twist and the visual of it are highly effective.


It’s unusual in terms of romances in that the lovers David and Jonathan are parted for a lot trahsgressions the book. In the end, it was a nice light read. Dec 26, Mymymble rated it really liked it. He was supposed rtansgressions be in the shed, milking the four cows and then cleaning the barn, but he had not even started. I wanted to read more about how they saw each other through eyes and hearts that had been hardened by war and other atrocities poor Jonathan. Jacob is so fed up of David that he brings in an apprentice to replace him in the forge.

The war formed a backdrop to the men’s lives, and although there is one short battle scene and a few tiny references to another battle, it is the way that the war affects the ordinary citizens of the towns which is the main focus. Clearly Jonathan is David’s soulmate.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Instead the frastes details were seamlessly intertwined with the daily lives of these men and the other characters in the book. I had no clue what was in store for me but I was more than willing to find out how this romance would affect me.

She writes beautifully, tells a great story, pays remarkable attention to historical details I’m a stickler for thatand is realistic in her depiction of human emotions and relationships.

The setting of the book is excellent and it has many possibilities. Usually I write my reviews as Erases read, so my reactions are live, and so I can record them as they happen, because if I don’t, I won’t remember them.

But then David discovers the sinful love to the hand of another man, Tobias, and only a night is enough to collapse the fragile dam of David’s resistance. He knew too, that his eyes were unusual, for his friends had remarked on them. I know from her reviews of other books that Erastes has a great dislike for love-at-first-sight, or “insta-love” as she often puts it. David Caverly’s strict father has brought home the quiet, puritanical Jonathan Graie to help his dreamer of a son work the family forge.

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