This superior piece will take your breath away and give you a tool you will treasure for years. Tablet is a very labor intensive composite of 8 separate. Nov 27, Enochian Tablet for Earth with Spirit and Earth Invoking/Banishing Pentagrams. Most of the well-known Enochian angels The Tablet of Union is derived from.

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Alan Moore Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Yet today the Enochian Tablets and Tablet of Union are often used without any of the other components Dee was told were necessary. One of the most eartth uses has been in the materials of the Golden Dawn.

Israel Regardie himself advised Golden Dawn students to be very careful with how they used Enochian: From observation and experience, likely, though in terms of actual mechanics we can infer he did not know the mechanism.

That of course leaves the unanswered questions of why the Great Table has been turned into four Enochian Tablets and a Tablet of Union, and why they are used in Golden Dawn rituals anyway.

The reason often given is because they were in the cipher manuscript from which Mathers derived the initiations, but that really is a dodge rather than an answer. Some later ceremonialists simply took the Enochian Tablets out of the initiatory process: Today there seems to be a veritable Renaissance of writers trying to reconstruct what John Dee and Edward Kelley were doing. The Great Tabpet, with its Four Watchtowers and Black Cross, is the last received and most complex eafth of a system that many have used, proclaimed as powerful, and cautioned others about using haphazardly.

Therefore, given the demonstrated potency of even isolated parts of the Enochian system, it seems only logical that we should attempt to determine the purpose and correct structure of the Great Table before engaging its use.

What basic understandings would Dee have brought to warth reception of the Enochian material? These include his concept about what the language was, how it connected to the sacred geometry he knew, and what components should be in place before using it. Because answering talet above questions about the Great Table is our focus, we will not be able to do more than touch on all of the other components of the Enochian system.

We suggest the opposite: Despite wide present-day interest, explanations of Enochian and Enochian magic that both place it in its historical, political and esoteric context and look at the system in its entirety are still few.

He considers the whole of Enochiana as complex multi-dimensional system that seems to function like a four-dimensional computer able to interface with our three-dimension modes of processing light waves into images and pressure waves into sounds. The language itself, in terms of letter organization, seems to correspond to both the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and the 64 codons of our DNA.

The letters that fill the grid that is the Great Table were originally given in Roman rather than Enochian characters, with some capital and some lower case. The grid was received by Kelley in trance on June 25,one 12 x 13 Watchtower at a time, farth these were joined by the Black Cross. The angels never explained tqblet some letters were capitalized.

Dee repeatedly tried to understand and correct the Table, though the only concrete corrections they receive from the angels came on July 2, If we follow Dee exactly from the original manuscript, as Ian Rons has done in his reconstruction below, we wind up with a grid like this: What was this Great Table for, anyway? The angels gave the names of the first 42 Angelic Governors, and continued giving the remaining names the next day.

The following day, May 23, Dee and Kelley received names of the 91 provinces of the world these governors were supposed to control. This point will become very important later, when we use the Governors to solve the magical blind of which of several possible versions of the Four Watchtowers is correct. How do the Governors influence places and governments?

Presumably by bringing in higher-level energetic structures to particular parts of the earth and so affecting these places and their leaders. John Dee and Edward Kelley did not take the system lightly. Conversing with angels to discover a secret control language of celestial mechanics—and, apparently, succeeding–is without linguistic precedent, [11] though a few tales might strike us as similar.


Keep in mind that he and Edward Kelley were receiving these names at the height of Inquisitional and political unrest, beginning in Protestant England and then while on a five-year continental mission through parts of the Holy Roman Empire. Their journey can best be described as a combination of missionary work, espionage, and practical magic with the intent of changing the political alignments of the European theater.

By June 25, these Watchtowers are communicated as four 12 x 13 grids filled with Enochian letters and joined by a Black Cross. Now to the purpose. Rest, for the place is Holy. First, generally what this Tablet Containeth.

After this, AVE disappears for a moment, then Dee records the Great Angel reappearing with three others, whose names should be kf to many readers:. Look out Lexarph, with the two other that follow him, among the names of the earth the three last. I have done so. After this, there has been much confusion enocyian what Dee wrote and what he may have intended. Can you connect those to the purposes, veiled as they are in Renaissance alchemical language, that the Great Angel AVE attributes to the four Watchtowers?

Most of us learn the system without ever being taught the larger mystery of which they are a enichian. But just so there is no mistake, here again is what AVE says the Great Table contains, with some modern word translations: Dee seems to be unable to correct the Watchtowers and Kelley seems unable to reproduce them he allegedly tries in a trance in You also have a way to explain how John Dee and Edward Kelley could receive such information: Within that information field, there also exist ways to focus particular types of information upon particular places of the earth.

Multiple versions of the Four Watchtowers have proliferated in the past years. Perhaps one can find several right ways and explain why each works, but if the system never engages to begin with, something is wrong. Lf we have the system set up wrong, whatever knowledge Dee thought it should impart, and whatever power he thought it should lever, obviously will not come through. One can shock oneself with electrical current without ever getting the radio to turn on.

And one can become enochan to the rush of the shock, mistaking its energy for insight. Once one has the Tablets lettered correctly, and has in mind the rather dramatic purposes listed above, then one has the understanding to add embellishments to the system. Both are critical to understanding the world view Dee embraced, and which he must have found compatible with the purposes of the Great Table.

Once one understands what the Great Table may be in terms of sacred geometry—that its grid may simply be an ingenious two-dimensional shadow of ennochian dimensional and higher mathematical ideas—one might find several ways of demonstrating how that two-dimensional rendering can be stepped back up to three and four dimensions, but some will work and some will not. Gematriathe system of assigning numerical value to letters in sacred alphabets, especially Hebrew and ancient Greek, is derived from both the ancient Greek words for geometry measurement of the earth or world and grammar.

As noted, linguistic gematria assume an implicit connection between number and letter. It is not much of a stretch to hypothesize that, just as Hebrew [23] maps to three dimensions, Enochian maps to four dimensions.

That, to him, was part of what made a language tabler. Curiously, and with prescient accuracy, it also stood between his concepts of dnochian and four-dimensional geometry: The Monad is a grand synthesis of the Kabalah, mathematics, myth, geometry, astrology, and Pythagoreanism, with one little glitch: Most do not understand that Dee has conceptualized a hypercube, because he never gives enpchian that enohcian indeed the word did not exist in the English language at that time.

The public mathematical expression of this enochixn was years away.

I. Introduction

This is suggested again by the egg accompanying this farth, which shows the sun at the middle:. Why this brief discussion of the Monad? Think of the Monad as the Knowledge Lectures anyone, including Edward Kelley, would have to know how to practically apply to do magic with Dee, and certainly Dee himself would have used the ideas in his own work sarth set up a sacred space.


Bridges suggests that it was such a vision of an extended or unfolded hyper-cube in three dimensions, essentially a cube with another cube on each of its six faces, by Kelley on April 29thwhich became the basis for the Angelic heptarchy which they believed controlled the nature of time.

Enochian Elemental Tablets

Once one understands what the Great Table may be in terms of sacred geometry—that it likely is a two-dimensional rendering of four dimensional and higher mathematical ideas—one might find several ways of demonstrating how that two-dimensional rendering can be stepped back up to three and four dimensions, and how some will work and some will not.

As a simpler analogy, consider that a pentagram inscribed in a pentagon is a two-dimensional projection of a four dimensional pentatope. Most will look like geometric messes. If the shape corresponded to standing waves, as shapes demonstrably do, the wave fronts would have to be self-organized enough to all be in phase with each other.

The idea tbalet intriguing, at least to the authors.

To return to the mathematical ideas expressed in the Monad: In terms of personal astrology and Kabalistic study, this also makes sense: That view is geocentric. Personal astrology today is still geocentric, and implicitly so is study of the Kabalah. How can this be? By Theorem 20, we can only explain how Dee makes his central point both geocentric and heliocentric by assuming he has the concept of a hypercube but no words for it.

After tablte, Kabalistic correspondences break down because they would be totally different in four dimensions anyway. In invocation, the enocjian floods the consciousness. In evocation, the magician, having become the macrocosm, creates a microcosm. Instead, an advanced understanding of the Hieroglyphic Enocian would show another shift, from heliocentric to something that, by Theorem 24, seems centered on John and the Book of Revelation, but properly understood is Dee using the apocalyptic language he had available to describe a celestial phenomenon, the current galactic alignment, for which he had no words.

This is really no intuitive leap at all, because its exactly what the writers of most of the ancient Greek geometric texts that Dee read in the original asked their students to tab,et.

We submit that casting geometric shapes to create sacred space is no modern innovation, but one of the oldest practices in esoterica. We simply need to reconnect the shapes to the material. The modern ceremonialist might have a need to conceptualize how these first two structures create a sacred space that make particular actions possible.

Tahlet instance, maybe it occurs to her that she has just cast 12 tabldt pentagrams which might, for various reasons, self-organize into a three-dimensional dodecahedron. Maybe she notices too that the total number of squares in each 12 x 13 Watchtower area dodecagonal number. Maybe she conceptualizes how this dodecahedron might interface with a hypercube. That Kelley succeeded in scrying is indirect proof that he too was comfortable either with evoking four-dimensional structures, or working within those cast by Dee.

Kelley was the one who heard the voices, though we have no tabler that he continued to hear them after he and Dee parted company in Can we find an eartth, beyond personal experience, for this phenomenon? And what about the Black Cross? But for our purposes here, we simply note that the instructions for making the Holy Table and the Seal of Truth come through before any of the other Enochian or.

I will pluck the, from among the wicked. But take hede of Temptation: The Lord hath blessed The. This is a Mystery. Thy Desyre is granted the.