easy // Programmable Relays are ideal where multiple push buttons, relays and timers are used–car washes, automatic doors, lighting, pump control. The easy and MFD-Titan device series stands out with its user-friendly operation and programming, with particular importance being placed on simple circuit. Eaton Moeller EASY Relay. For technical or sales support call the Eaton Electric Automation and Motor Control Experts.

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Changing unprotected relay function parameters. These are used to count pulses, usually from inputs.

Eaton Moeller EASY Relay

Wiring for Series DC units is identical. Use the Program menu selection from the Main Menu to enter your password. This is shown in Fig.

This caution applies to all types of relays, counters, timers, etc. Figure 11 Programming Parameters: When manuak TT1 “trigger” coil is activated, the timer’s contacts switch on immediately.

There are 6 specific analog comparators to work with: Wiring for Series units with transistor outputs are identical. The connection is made with 2 wires or a single twisted-pair and may have a maximum length of 30 meters, approximately feet. On models that have the clock, the “WE” on the right indicates “wednesday” and below that is the time of day in 24 hour format. On-Delay, ” X, “: Figure 24 Figure Press “P ON” to activate.


More specific information appears in the next section below. Figure 2 Main Menu: This card is a small memory chip that plugs into a little door on the lower right face of the unit, just above the output relay terminals. In cases where severe interference is present, a shielded 2-wire cable should be used.

When the trigger coil TT1 is deactivated then the time count begins and when the time reaches the preset then the timer’s contacts switch off. Power the unit up, manaul press the OK button 3 times and you will arrive at the blank screen where you will enter your program. This comparator is activated when the voltage on I7 is greater than or equal to a setpoint value.

The unit can be set to begin running immediately upon power-up, or alternatively to power-up in the “stop” mode, requiring a manual start from the Main Menu. Instead, use 3 symbols and a “marker relay” coil, then place a contact from the marker relay at the beginning of the next line, then continue on. Models equipped with a clock can be used to control lighting and other functions on a regular time-of-day and day-of-the-week schedule.

Figure 20 Clock Controllers ” “: Combined with the “Random On-Delay” and “Random Off-Delay” eeasy512 shown in the previous section, the lights will come on not at the exact same times each day but rather at somewhat variable times, thereby more closely simulating an occupied house.

  ISO 12947-2 PDF

Output Q1 is energized when I1 is activated, and drops out if I1 is deactivated. See the section on System Menu, below. The Loads may be relay coils, small motors, lights, etc. This is used to set system defaults and startup behavior. Figure 29 Figure 30 Figure Figure 27 Text-Display Variables: This is now a “normally msnual contact. Shown here is a simple on-delay timer circuit and parameter display.

Moeller EASY512 Manuals

Figure 26 “if” Jumps: Now use the cursor disk to move to the left, to the 2nd position, right next to the I1 symbol. Figure 34 Activating P-Buttons: See our main page for Klockner Moeller and Siemens parts. These are handy internal relays which can be used as memory or to extend a row mamual more than 3 contacts are needed such as in the ILLEGAL example shown at the left.