Beginners guide to mikroC programming for PIC microcontrollers. Students are advised to follow this course step by step so that they understand it very well. We’ll cover this in First section; Download and Install MikroC Pro! This course is designed to introduce the PIC Microcontroller hardware and programming. At one moment I decided to move to Mikro C pro compiler. Of course, how to convince clients for MikroC Pro is very challenging job, which I am facing even now.

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When after the break I wanted to use MPLAB again on my same machine, it was giving lot of errors and not operating for small projects. This shows you are free to type your code here.

A window as shown in figure on the right will appear. For example, if you look coues a function couts in the program, just double click its name in this window, and the cursor will be automatically positioned at appropriate point in the program. For the purpose of debugging, a software simulator can be used.

Some of them are created during the operation of compiler, while some are imported from other programs. The compiler will be automatically set in simulation mode. Besides, mikdoc software must ‘know’ the architecture of the microcontroller in use. Now my led,c will become part of LED project. Fig 12 shows cour for LED displaying. Cross complier will use all these files to create HEX file. Click on the Next button.


Your cart is empty. As the Watch Window allows you to monitor the state of all registers it is easy to check whether a pin is set to zero or one. Copy it to your program and set appropriate parameters. Names of ports are different. As our natural habits, we do not want to purchase license due to small project size. Fig 6 shows selection of microcontroller P16FA. It is sufficient to right click any folder and select the option you need for your project.

The difference is that the simulator executes the program on the PC, while the debugger uses a true microcontroller. It is not a good idea to save your own cpurs in the examples folder of compiler. Project settings for Project Name and target selection 5 Fig 4 shows how to browse for saving your project.

How To Use MikroC Pro For PIC16F877A Microcontroller?

Then you can make a list of registers the state of cous you want to monitor. Of course, how to convince clients for MikroC Pro is very challenging job, which I am facing even now. This build option is compiling code and shows error also. Include libraries options in the project creation.

This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components. The simulator and debugger have the same function to monitor the state of registers during program execution.


You create your own working directory to save your work. Datasheet of P16FA shows mikdoc it is working on 20 Mhz frequency. As LED is output device we are displaying means giving voltage to it.

If you need a function to perform certain task while writing mikkroc program, you just have to look for it within some of the libraries which are integrated in the compiler and use it. Fig 2 shows this screen. Choosing Motor For Robots. Oscillator – This option is used to select the operating speed of the microcontroller.

compiler-mikroc-pro-for-pic – MikroElektronika

Device – When you select the microcontroller, the compiler automatically knows which definition file, containing all SFR registers for specific MCU, their memory addresses and similar, to use. For example I created c: On the basis of it, the compiler makes changes in the configuration word.

Click to Next button. Then click the Save button to save the data as a document with. Due to libraries, you will get a lot of inbuilt functions from MikroC compiler. I removed completely and re-installed fresh installation. What is Web Browser. At one moment I decided to move to Mikro C pro compiler. This wizard is going to help for adding project files.