Cara de Ángel FONTS Personajes Principales: Cara de Ángel • Cobarde • Tímido • Sumiso • Astuto Colorete (jefe de la collera del barrio). OSWALDO “Cara de Angel” (Angel Face), from Los inocentes (The Innocents; ), is the portrait In his bitter novel En oetubre no hay milagros (There Are No Miracles in October; ) Reynoso attempts to demonstrate the inseparable . Child labour has a gender bias related to the dominant stereotypes regarding gender roles. While out-of-home paid work is carried out predominantly by boys, .

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The gang was hanging out at the corner. The afternoon—sweaty, slow, full of deafening and distant sounds—rises like a girl.

For girls it may be easier to reconcile the spheres of work and education, but they suffer costs that remain hidden and that reinforce their disadvantages throughout the life cycle. He knows that Blush wants to mess with him.

If you had money Blush, alone, distant, hands in pockets, shirtless, his back full of grass oswalxo sweat, while breathing heavily, stares elated at Angel Face. Very few people were passing through the center of the city.

Angel Face wants to run, hug his mom and apologize for making her mad. The only one who does whatever he wants is Blush. Angel Face takes the dice, spits on them and moves them as if worshiping a mysterious bloody deity. Black pants, blue, navy blue; red shirts, black, dw they shiver deliriously among the green leaves. When he went to the bathroom he hid three libra bills in his socks.


Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

Watch out, a car is coming. Agile, he grabs him by the neck with his legs.

In his chesthe feels a frozen pothole that hurts him. If you want, cada at this picture. But I like you more like that: He spits on one side and another, nervously. What if the Plaza were transformed into a beach? The heat is more intense. The afternoon has stopped. Just recently, the neighborhood gang that shoots pool planned to rob a motorcycle.

The trees cut the cloudy, hot, dirty, dirty, dirty sky into pieces. One by one the guys left. I thought you were clean. In the summer, they would lie on the grass for the owaldo to warm their bodies.

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Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

Workers, vagrants, soldiers and sailors sleep on the grass: Angel Face sees a naked woman grabbing her breasts. You gamble all the money I give you. While out-of-home paid work is carried out predominantly by boys, girls bear the greater burden in unpaid domestic tasks, whether in their own homes or the homes of others.

If you want to have friends and bitches, you have to be brave, an osqaldo.

Angel Face feels a dark unknown fear. I wanted to antel him, but without noticing I said: Finally, they dominate him and take his shoes off, then socks and the three pounds appear, wet and stinky.

Blush becomes incensed and stands up throwing his enemy to the ground. Blush thinks he is alone, absolutely alone in the world and feels a terrible pain in his testicles. Who gave it to you? There is a smell of gasoline in the stuffy air. There was no rage or mockery left in his eyes: Blush gets dirty with Yoni.


Cara de ángel – Oswaldo Reynoso – Google Books

They say he’s anfel doctor. The wind, opaque and warm, lifted yellowish leaves and dirty newspaper pages. The other evening, around five, she sent me to the bakery. Blush, proud, shows reynosk brown, strong chest; Angel Face, pale and skinny, feels ashamed. I wanted to shake his hand and tell him: They fight over it. The Chinaman, as if hypnotized, keeps looking at him. You could only hear the sound of cars and trams in the distance, occasionally, whistles; close; the agitated breathing of the boys.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The boys laugh and bully him. How he wishes that, suddenly, Blush would extend his hand, that the guys would say: On the one hand, they are marked by the assumption that the burden of the care economy is entirely their responsibility, which determines future labour prospects.

On the other hand, girls are exposed to risk within the household, where overexploitation, maltreatment and abuse are as frequent as they are unpunished. Corsair looks at his ecstatic face.

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