Canon Et QL17 manual online. Canonet QL17 Film Camera pdf manual download. Film Camera Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual. (28 pages). Canon. G-II QL. CANON. CANON. SN: NO. 50 CO. Canonet QL (1 Focusing Lever Before using your Canonet G-III, Insert the battery on the tab in. The Canonet QL 17 GIII is the final, high-end version of Canon’s famous It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode. Steven Gandy’s overview at Cameraquest; Canonet QL17 versus the Leica M6.

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Original MR9 ‘dull’ adapter is very expensive, too deep inside giui so neither a or allows the Canonet QL17 meter to function. There is no switch otherwise.

Skip to main content. Push the tab in with the screwdriver blade and then turn the ring. Find More Posts by wamjam. Images are copyrighted with all rights reserved. More refinements More refinements The Canonet is a little more involved than most, but still a pretty easy task if you take the time and go slow.

I had ordered a new seals kit for my QL17, which came on Saturday. The shutter is in perfect order in all speeds. Originally Posted by wamjam oh The viewfinder is large, bright and very usable, though canoent not up to Leica M standards. Load the camera by pulling up on the rewind lever, which will open the back.

Canon Canonet QL17

When this camera was produced, mercury cells were standard, but this is no longer the case. Canonet QL 17 Manual. Problem is that I cannot open battery door. New light seals ready to shoot.


On the right, those little red bars move with the film, showing you have loaded the film properly. New other see details. There are substitutes though, you can get an adapter to use modern cells or you can do what I do which is buy a Wein mercury replacement zinc air battery.

The confusion for me is caused by the spring in the battery compartment clearly visible in the manual is missing on my Canonet. I am a jack of all trades, master of none.

I want to run a roll of film giii it in Automatic mode to see how well the meter works, but I also don’t want to waste a roll if it doesn’t. Film Format see all. This camera has an incredibly short focus action.

Pull the top cover and then you should easily see what’s shorting it out weak giiii, corrosion etc. That is actually my favorite Canonet. The fact that the meter needle is responding makes the csnon check light more or less irrelevant. The meter uses a CdS cell mounted on the lens, just above the front element. Flickr image Japanese 35mm rangefinder Canon C. I’ve wanted one of these for quite some time but they fetch a pretty penny online as they have quite cult following.

I have a set of photos documenting the repairs on Flickr of the Battery repair and the Rangefinder cleaning. The Canonet can use standard flashes or the Canonlite D which was custom-designed for the Canonet.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, thank you for your interest! Just trimmed back a couple of pieces of seal material that were too long, but that didn’t fix the door opening problem.

However, I would really warn you against using it often. Canon Canob QL17 manual.


Canon et G III QL17 Instructions Manual

I agree that it’s probably a bad bulb or bad contact. It didn’t do that before. It hag a great yellow focus patch the seems easy to see even in low light. This guy’s kit did not.

Congrats for you Canonet. Find More Posts by Kat. It works for a while to stop the cheapskates downloading them and selling them on eBay. Brad ClovenNov 3, You will know if things are fine if you see light meter movements, and reaction to variation in light.

Hi Did you ever find a manual for the Canonet QL 17 the early big one circa I take it was what you were looking for.

Manual mode? | Canon Canonet QL17 G-lll | Flickr

Discussion in ‘ Classic Manual Cameras ‘ started by david abreySep 15, The v iewfinder is clear and clean. Body has minimal marks from use. I only noticed this when I found an old battery which kept the light on all the time. A half-roll or film wasted, but that’s a minor inconvenience to having a good-as-new 40 canknet old camera functional again!

Pretty happy with that I popped a new Wein Cell PX battery in it and pressed the check light button — and nothing.

The battery off switch is effectively the lens cap, or a camera bag. With the metering cell in on the filter ring, a lens cap means no light to the metering manuaal, which means no current flow through the metering circuit.

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