The Amphitruo is Plautus’ only extant comedy covering a mythological theme. In what is left of Greek New Comedy, there is nothing comparable. But the theme. Amphitryon has ratings and 20 reviews. Amaranta said: Una commedia piacevolissima, che s basa sullo scambio di persone con equivoci. Dei contro umani. The playwright Titus Maccius Plautus is one of the earliest comic dramatists in Rome. Many of Plautus’ works remain incomplete, yet what is left is often.

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Plautus’ Amphitryon

The actors wore costumes and masks fashioned in the Greek style. His actors even portrayed the typical archetype characters: Though indebted to the Plajtus, Plautus managed to infuse his plays with his own Latin quality, incorporating elements that appealed to the Romans: Plautus wrote for the masses and became a very popular playwright in Rome. The Amphityona tragic comedy, was one of his most famous amphittyon. Amphitryon begins with a prologue given by the god Mercury, in which he gives some background information to the audience.

The crowd is seeking a return on their investments and they need the luck of Mercury to guarantee their sales, but Mercury is there to deliver a message from Jupiter:.

Amphitryon and his slave Sosia have been away at war and are returning to Thebes. Jupiter is disguised as Amphitryon so Alcmena is unaware that he is not her husband. Mercury’s job is to buy his father Jupiter some time by deceiving those who would interfere. He changes his appearance to look like the slave Sosia, and when the real Sosia arrives, he beats him up and sends him away from the house. Sosia returns to the ship to relay what happened to his master Amphitryon, confused as to why he had beaten himself.


The following morning, Amphitryon heads home, irritated by his slave’s story. Jupiter leaves only moments before he arrives, and when Alcmena sees her real husband, she is confused as to why he has returned. Amphitryon is confused and then proceeds to get angry. He is jealous after learning that she has slept with a man who is not he, but he still does not understand her defense, saying that it was he that she was sleeping with.

Alcmena and Amphitryon argue for some time until Alcmena is ready to leave her untrusting husband. Jupiter then stops her. The aftermath is even more extraordinary. Alcmena gives birth to twin boys.

PLAUTUS, Amphitryon | Loeb Classical Library

One is the son of Amphitryon, the other is Hercules, the son of Jupiter. The Greek Warrior Amazons.

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Amphitryon (Plautus play) | Revolvy

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Increase your reputation by posting useful answers to people’s questions and earning positive votes from trusted members of the community. The playwright Titus Maccius Plautus is one of the earliest comic dramatists in Rome. Nonetheless, he was a comedic genius in every sense of the Latin world and his work continues to have an enormous impact on Western Civiliation.

The crowd is seeking a return on their investments and they need the plautks of Mercury to guarantee their sales, but Plautuz is there to deliver a message from Jupiter: Source Plautus, AmphitryonI.

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