The Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra is a Mahayana sutra in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is one of the three principle Pure Land sutras along with the Infinite Life Sutra and the Amitabha Sutra. Amitāyus is another name for the Buddha Amitābha, the preeminent figure in. The Buddha tells the forty-eight vows of Dharmakara, who has become Amitayus Buddha, and describes His Pure Land of Peace and Bliss. He encourages all. The Tathagata, the Blessed One, the fully Awakened Buddha called [Amitayus], Limitless Life and Primordial Wisdom, the Utterly True Victor of.

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To remember these words is to autra the name of Buddha Amitayus. It is impossible, king, to prevent them coming. The thirteen contemplations are described in order as follows: Because of their greed for wealth, they cannot give alms.

These are the third enormous evil, the third pain, and the third burn. He is born from the right side of his mother and walks seven steps as his dazzling radiance illuminates innumerable Buddha Lands in the amitaysu directions.

sitra Today the Eye of the World carries on as the guiding teacher. I now have become a Buddha in this world of the five evils, [6] the five pains, and the five burns, and I teach sentient beings in extreme suffering to discard the five evils, remove the five pains, and stay away from the five burns.

You, World-Honored One, are majestic and exalted; in no way shall I be able to see thee. You are indeed a Chandala, the lowest race; we will amitayjs stay here with you.

Sounding the wondrous Dharma toneshe awakens the world. We dare not have any doubts. The truth they uphold can inspire and transform all sentient beings. The ocean of true and universal knowledge of all the Buddhas derives its source from one’s own mind and thought. While liberation is hard to achieve, sufra pain is indescribable. They can never find this number, which is like the immeasurable depth of the immense ocean. They should accumulate merit and resolve to be zutra in His land.


After other Bodhisattvas have heard you, they too can train wmitayus the way that you have, and fulfill immeasurable great vows. Unable to alter their poverty and hardship, they resort to thievery and vagrancy, and live on what is not earned.

He smiles as He expounds the Dharma. When the objects of their concern are all destroyed or dispersed, their toxic anxiety and anguish can find no release. He was accomplished in endurance, never disheartened by myriad tribulations. That garland is the most excellent among all, as it is the commixture of all sorts of jewels. How pathetic they are!

Amitayurdhyana Sutra – Wikipedia

Just like their deceased fathers and forefathers, who neither did good nor recognized morality, these descendants, with their delusions, closed minds, and dark spirits, are of course unable to distinguish between good and evil ways, or to understand the resultant journeys of birth and death. When their bodies are consumed and their minds in agony, their remorse at that moment comes too late. They also can go to the places where innumerable, countless Buddhas are, to acquire merit.

A dictionary of Buddhism. With no place amitsyus do evil, acquiring merit is their natural way of life.

Do you see this? The perception of these three sorts of beings is called the meditation of the middle class of beings, and is the Fifteenth Meditation. Enduring days and years of pain in their hearts, they still cannot release themselves from their attachment. Every Buddha Tathagata is one whose spiritual sutta is the principle of nature Darmadhatu-kayaso that he may enter into the mind of any beings.


Even the hearing of the name of this Bodhisattva will enable one to obtain immeasurable happiness. The tree trunk is 5, yojanas in circumference, with branches and leaves spreadinglis in the four directions. They invoke the sun of wisdom to shine and dispel the darkness of delusion. Then you can dedicate the merits of printing for all sentient beings. In forming the perception of that Buddha, you should first perceive the image of that Buddha; whether, your eyes are open or shut, look at an image like Jambunada gold in color, sitting on that flower throne mentioned before.

As it was stated before, the real body and its measurement are unlimited, incomprehensible to the ordinary mind.

Amitayus Long Life Sutra

Although requitals are not always immediate, virtuous and evil ways will be returned in due time. They contend that it is not so and that there is no such thing. How much more will the remembrance of that Buddha and the Bodhisattvas! The World-Honored One predicted that they would all be born in that Amittayus country and be able to obtain the Samadhi the supernatural calm of the presence of many Buddhas.

Buddha Sutras

The beds of white jade ponds are covered with purple-tinged gold dust. Whether or not they have money, they worry about it just the amitayud. On the eve of such a person’s departure from this life, Amitayus, surrounded by Bhikkhus and dependents, will appear before him, flashing forth rays of golden color, and will preach the Dharma of suffering, non-existence, impermanence, and non-self. Views Read Edit View history.