The Amibroker custom backtester interface provides three levels of user customization, simply called high-level, mid-level, and low-level. 1 Advanced users’ workshop: Custom Backtester Interface 4/19/ Advanced users’ workshop: Custom Backtester Interface by Tomasz Janeczko, Amibroker. 1 Topographic Surface Anatomy. STUDY AIMS. At the end of your study, you should be able to: Identify the key landmarks.

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Or, if the same values iinterface specified in the Automatic Analysis settings, the two lines above would not be needed in your AFL code at all, and the procedure would be in the specified file. Then in the custom backtest procedure: Contact us about this article. The main toolbar controls are:.

Custom Backtester Interface – AmiBroker

From this you can see the advantage of keeping object variable names short. If you’re going to make such a sweeping statement, it would be helpful to elaborate on it.

The good thing about an extremely frustrating problem is that it feels SO good once you finally figure it out!

DebugView captures all data sent to the viewer from all running applications. Trial and error shows that the entry value returned by the GetEntryValue method halves if you remove half of the value, so AmiBroker appears to treat a scale-out of half the value as being half profit and half original capital. I have presented it here primarily as a more advanced example of a custom backtest procedure, and all use is amibrokwr your own risk. This could be used to custo special stop conditions not provided in the ApplyStop function, or to scale trades based on current portfolio equity or open position value and the like.


Advanced users’ workshop: Custom Backtester Interface – ppt video online download

The statement if sig. They are used to store data the programmer needs.

For example, in the main AFL code: MarginLoan just means if trade. Claim or contact us about this channel.

AmiBroker Users’ Knowledge Base » AmiBroker Custom Backtester Interface

Methods are called in much the same way as other functions, but again the syntax amibdoker a little different due to them being methods of an object rather than ordinary functions. As some positions may still be open at the aibroker of the backtest, you may need to iterate through both the closed trade and open position lists:. The method name is preceded by the object name with a decimal point: Maybe but it is actually simple If not, would you consider introducing this possibility?

Trade delays are set to zero to avoid confusion and conflict.

Custom Backtest – AmiBroker Knowledge Base

At some point in the future yes. The first for loop iterates through the closed trade list and the second through the open position list to get the entry score value for every trade listed bbacktester the results. Advanced position sizing PF-level signal control custom rotational trading Trade-based metrics.


It would actually be nice here if the Trade object had a few user-defined properties, to allow the user to persist any values they wanted to throughout the life of a trade although this could also be done with static variables. The loops are iterating through the list of trades, not the bars on a chart.

To experiment with this algorithm in the manner it was intended, try it on individual stocks that have had significant swings but no overall trend.

This gets called by the DayCount function for both the entry and exit days. Post as a guest Name. Too much and it can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Firstly, the DayInYear function: The same syntax is used to access the methods of an object.

Another similar example, but this time scaling out a position once it has doubled in value, removing the initial capital invested approximately:.

Will get back to you soon. The only thing to be aware of is where a single string inside double quotes needs to span multiple lines.