Ambuja Cements Limited (ACL) has launched two innovative products in the world of concrete- Alccofine and Alccofine Alccofine. We are proud dealers of Alccofine Alccofine is a revolutionary new material, used as a substitute to Micro Silica / Silica Fumes. This product is not. Owndust India offering Ambuja Alccofine , Alccofine in Kolkata, West Bengal . Get best price and read about company and get contact details and address.

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The following are the salient features of Alccofine Enhances the strength for alccifine and mid range grades of concrete with optimum utilisation Provides economy in higher grades of concrete Enhances durability of concrete Improves impermeability and eliminates or minimizes thermal cracking Assured quality in terms of even and consistent Particle Size Distribution Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to health unlike Silica Fumes Immaculate supply chain, delivered around the globe.

This reduces the permeability of hydrated products to great extent and protects concrete from chemical alxcofine. Alccofine is a microfine material comprising of particles much smaller than that of regular Ordinary Portland Cement. International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering. In this methodology, the binder content and admixture alccofinf were kept constant 1230 the outcome on water requirement, workability and compressive strength were measured.

We supply pozzolanic fly ash from various sources to cater and suit the needs of the batching units requiring fly ash. The processing with other select ingredients results in controlled particle size distribution PSD. This booklet presents results of examination carried out on ALCCOFINE in comparison with Silica Fume in concrete, and the effect it has on workability, water requirement, admixture requirement, strength and durability.

These trials results shown following benefits: The slabs used were water cured for 28 days. This paper presents effect of hybrid fibers alccofone alccofine on estimation of durability of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete with different combinations.


In high performance concrete applications, Silica Fume is generally proposed as the appropriate cement extender where high strength, low permeability are the prime requirements. How to cite item.

Exporter of Alccofine & GGBS by Finesse Scm Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Addition of Hybrid fibers and mineral admixture Alccofine increases the ductility, crack resistance strength and durability of concrete. Durability aspects of standard concrete. Site powered by Weebly. The impetus for higher and higher concrete strengths also came from demands alccorine exceptional increases in the height of high-rise buildings and for long span bridges.

Secondary hydrated products formed due to pozzolanic and Cementitious hydration reaction fills the pores.


Novaka J, Kohoutkova A. Email the author Login required. Skip to main content. High range water reducers HRWR are extensively used to ensure placement with low water contents. To receive any information alccpfine as third party test reports or receive a quotation from us, please feel free to send us an inquiry on info finessescm.

Denser pore matrix restricts chloride penetration alccofin alkalinity forms passive layer on steel and protect it from corrosion. Chloride ion penetration is the most frequently specified durability criterion for a long term service life of concrete structures. The decrease in water demand is because of high glass content which has water repelling property.

Study on durability of high performance concrete with alccofine and fly ash. Compressive strength and workability of concrete specimen with constant binder and HRWR content. High dosage of high range water reducing agents HRWR then become a necessity, and resulting cohesive and thixotropic, laccofine mixes are equally difficult to place and compact fully and efficiently. Such concretes generally suffer from two major weaknesses i.

Under durability water permeability and chloride penetration were measured most commonly. Log In Sign Up. Such concrete suffer from two major weaknesses. In spite of its alccofinr fineness it does not increase water demand at the dosage range of 5 to 15 percent of normal OPC in general.

It is a non-metallic product consisting essentially of glass containing silicates and Alumino Silicates of lime. Physically the product is unique with regards to its particle size distribution. Penetration of less than 25 mm is generally considered to be impermeable concrete.


Alccofine Tech Info | Muhammed Muktar –

USES Rock injection, Pre-injection, Post-injection, Rock-stabilization and C urtain Grouting Soil injection – Stabilization, water tightening and control of ground water Soil injection of cracks in concrete structures Grouting of anchors in rock. Remember me on this computer.

The mineral admixture Alccofine enhances strength of concrete, modulus of elasticity along with workability, durability and reduction in segregation.

ALCCOFINE is a specially processed product based on slag of high glass content with high reactivity obtained through the process of controlled granulation. We supply both in bulk and bag form. According to this test the cubes were initially water-cured for 28 days, and then exposed to water pressure of 5 bars for 72 hours after which the cube was divided and the depth of water penetration measured. Elevated temperatures effects on HSC. Durability test measuring the water permeability showed better results than the Silica Fume.

Alccofine 1203

We are proud distributors of Alccofine Article Tools Print this article. Fire response of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete to high temperature.

The results are similar even in other two methodologies. These materials used were dried completely before using. To estimate effect of mineral admixture Alccofine on durability of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

It is extremely difficult to obtained proper workability, and to retain the workability for sufficiently long period of time with such concrete mixes.

The hybrid fibers help to reduce the cracks due to shrinkage, creep and early age thermal cracking along with increase in ductility, toughness and fatigue resistance.

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